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At CIPES, we provide our scholars with a loving, rigorous learning environment that puts them on the path to and through college.

We believe our scholars are the future leaders of America, and that it is our responsibility to equip them with the confidence, heart, and knowledge necessary for them to follow and conquer any dream, no matter how big!

Our college-focused learning environment is built on a strong foundation of exceptionally rigorous curriculum directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Scholars at CIPES receive small group instruction four hours a day in English Language Arts and Math, during which time their teachers deliver meticulously differentiated instruction that is tailored to what each child needs to move forward.

In addition to a college readiness program, scholars at CIPES also participate in a character education program, where they develop their awareness of the world around them and learn how to solve problems peacefully.

We believe in forming strong partnerships with the families of our scholars who will help support their learning and growth from K-12.

At CIPES, our scholars are always smiling and brains are always growing! It is a wonderful place to be.

All my best,


Juliana Bryansmith
Principal, Coney Island Prep Elementary School


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